Welcome to my Workshop


I have been making custom instruments of my own design as well as those of Sam Rizzetta's design for thirty years, and they reflect the long time of building and research we have done together. They are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding player.

I no longer make very basic instruments, as my time is taken up by more complex, larger instruments and there are a wide variety of basic instruments on the market. You can find links to some of these on my Links of Interest page, along with information and answers to all of your questions; especially on buying instruments, finding a teacher, festivals, concerts and other events. I can't keep this list constantly updated; but I will try to make changes as I can.

I don't have a retail store, but have demo models of most of my designs. If you are interested in visiting the workshop to try the instruments, you're welcome to visit by appointment. 


My time is mostly spent building, in order to keep customers content, but I'll be glad to answer specific questions about my instruments as quickly as I can, and other questions eventually.  I do repairs on my own, and Sam's instruments, as I can fit them into the schedule. You can also read my Newsletter for more information.

A good place to see a lot of the instruments I have built over the years is at the Upper Potomac Dulcimer Fest, a festival held in Shepherdstown, WV in March - and more recently, the Spring Music Weekend, Fiddle Retreat and other special events.

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