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Used Instruments

I’ve decided to move along a few of my demo instruments. All these have had comfortable sheltered lives, have never been played in the rain or left to bake in the back of a car on a hot summer day. Strings are new where needed. As with all my instruments they come with a T-tuning hammer and a pair of regular wood playing hammers, each also comes with a case.

CF Compact 2006 

On the first iteration of the CF Compacts the CF backs were molded to bend up and over the sides of the pinblocks. It was strong, the curves gave the instrument a bit more elegance, as curves do. But the error rate in vacuum-molding those curved backs was quite high,  and after having to throw away too many I stopped doing it- there will therefore be no more of these!  This has redwood soundboard, inlay all ‘round, wenge bridges goncalo alves frame rails, and Basic pickup installed. SOLD.

Extended Range 2009

One of the first of the smaller ER’s with 1 1/16” string spacing. Redwood soundboard, Goncalo alves frame, wenge bridges, inlay all ‘round, Basic pickup installed.


Wood Compact with Dampers 2011 This one was my personal instrument for a number of years, it is played in well. Black-stained redwood soundboard, abalone inlay, figured cherry frame bound with nogal, Low-Z pickup installed.


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