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The Forte

 The Forte is an instrument that has been refined over the past 30 years, and has more of the brighter, traditional sound that comes with a longer scale length. That longer scale also gives it a firm mid-range and solid bass, and makes it possible to re-string the low bass bridge and re-tune it for more choices in bass notes and chromatics. It has a warm, rich tone. And you can drive it pretty hard,  making it a great instrument for dance bands, or for the soloist. 1  1/16" (27mm) string spacing.

Western red cedar top, back. 17 lbs, 45" wide, 18.5" broad, 3.5" deep, (7.25 kilos, 114.3 x 47 x 8.8 cm).

As with the Compact, I have a carbon-fiber reinforced version of the Forte. The LCF Forte can be a bit lighter ( 16 lbs) and more tuning-stable than the wood Forte.

See Prices and Ordering if interested in purchasing.

Forte Tuning Scheme.jpg
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